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Hi all,

It seems that time flies when you are having fun! Time has certainly flown since my last blog. I have reached an important conclusion in the intervening weeks.

I think that the 3 Cs (Connection, Collaboration + Communication) are central to healthy relaitonships.

Why is connection important?

It is important that we stay in touch with the people around us. This could be the people that we choose to be with e.g. our partners + friends. It could also be the people that we spend time with because of our work or community. It could also be the people that we come into contact with throughout our daily lives e.g. shop assistants, bus drivers, anyone that is providing us with a service. If we can connect with these people, then both our lives and theirs will be enriched. If we take an interest in those around us and treat them with respect; hopefully they will treat us in a similar way.

Why is collaboration important?

Collaboration is all about getting along with people. If we can understand other peoples needs and desires; then we can work together to find a solution or outcome that all will be comfortable with. If we can work together with others to achieve a desired goal, then we can rest assured that all have been given the chance to express themselves. It is important that all have the opportunity to work towards their own happiness and fulfillment in life. This often means that each individudal has separate goals. If these goals can be blended or our differences accepted; we can live together more harmoniously at home, work and play.

Why is communication important?

Without communication, none of the above would be possible. It is important that we speak to others with respect. This will help us to be listened to. It is also important that we speak from a position of self-respect. We have the right to be heard, even if the people we are speaking to have different views. Communication is also how we stay in touch with our familes, friends,colleagues, acquaintances. Communication takes so many different forms in our lives today. This gives us many opportunities to STAY IN TOUCH + maintain the health of our relationships.

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